Pablo Picasso Child with A Dove 1901 Original Lithograph

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Artist Pablo Picasso Signed in Plate

Title Child With A Dove

Publisher New York Graphic Society Printed in Austria

Copyright given to Pallas Gallery ( Blind Stamp )in 1942 WC 2

Date 1972 ( Limited Run Rare )

Providence Collection Dowager Lady Aberconway

Catalog 7686

Size: Image 28 3/4 x 20 1/2
Paper 32 1/2 x 23 5/8

Condition: Age and handling Ware. May have dents or creases along border. Tears x 3 consisting of 1 in 2 in and 1/2 in. 1 cm dia circle hole. DE crease and tear lower left border. Image is bright snd beautiful. Overall VG condition

The closes print to the actual painting. This was printed just before Picasso passed away. He only allowed a limited amount of these prints to be made because this painting was special to him.

This is a beautiful, great, vintage, large lithograph titled by Picasso.

This extraordinary vintage lithograph no visible pixalations is signed in the plate/image.

This beautiful lithograph is in excellent condition and the colors are still very bright. It is on heavy paper.

Picasso's father bred doves and many of his childhood sketches included them. This work inspired childhood memories of his sister,in 1895 Conchitain died of diptheria.

Over coming the sadness of the death of his sister. The "Blue Period" was born. "Child With A Dove" in honor of his sisters death.

In the footnote box reads: Pablo Picasso (born 1881) CHILD WITH A DOVE Oil on Canvas 28 3/4" x 21 1/8" - painted 1901 Collection of Lady Aberconway, London.