Kurt Seligmann Isis 1946 Original Silkscreen Print Signed in Plate

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Artist Seligmann Signed in Plate

Title Isis

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Condition Due to age shows slight wear such as scratches, dents, and creases

The original oil on canvas sold for 66000

This print est. appraised value 1200 to 1800 dollars. COA is not included. Rare print, few made.

Light Beige floral textile, American, born Switzerland, 1900–1962, Courtesy of the Seligmann Center at the Orange County Citizens Foundation

The early to mid-1940s, during which André Breton was insisting that surrealism needed a new mythology, also saw Seligmann near completion of his book The Mirror of Magic, which treated a wide range of “Western” mythologies, including ancient Greek, European, and Egyptian. Isis was the great Egyptian goddess of magic, whose powers brought her slain husband Osiris back from the dead and enabled him to father their child, Horus. As Seligmann writes in Mirror, Isis was also the pseudonym of a priestess who wrote an early text on alchemy, the search to transform baser materials into more valuable ones: “In her writings Isis boasts of how she acquired her knowledge. She reveals to her son Horus that the angel Amnael taught her the Hermetic art in requital for the intercourse to which she had condescended.”
This depiction of the goddess features the breeze-borne, gauzy forms and rocky formations Seligmann worked out in his American work, like the painting Melusine and the Great Transparents, also in the exhibition. Here, the head of the swaying feminine form seems to emit a sinuous incantation.